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Commercial Vehicle

Get Insurance, Diamond and DMV all in one package!

Black Cars, Car Services, Deluxe,

Green Cars & Corporation

Don’t burden yourself. Make one stop and get everything from start to finish.  We will do it for you.

At EZ Vision Brokerage Inc.

We offer a broad range of services:

  • Getting the proper insurance policy

  • Procurement of TLC Diamond Registration at DMV.

  • The driver on needs to take the vehicle to be inspected at TLC!

- Livery

Many industries have gone through a great deal of transformations, transportation had not escaped the need for changes. From the bulky two radio ways radio to a small device called cell phone capable of doing thousands if not millions of functions. From being captive to a local radio base, to have access to multiple applications as to have the ability to work with multiple radio bases. Applications such as Uber, Lyft, Via, and others have been able to capture very large number of drivers while local bases had formed cooperatively unions, so the drivers are able to access more than one base. 

The industry continues to be a vibrant force supporting large economic sectors, generating billions of dollars in revenue as employing those who prefer to have the independency while supporting themselves and their families.

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Existent Opportunities
to get your own TLC Platesand Insurance

Existent Opportunities to get your own TLC Plates and Insurance. Now that there is a moratorium TLC is not issuing new plates. However, it does not mean that you can not get your own plates and insurance policy. Meaning there are exceptions to it. There are the exceptions: If you had entered in a Lease to own your vehicle. Once you finish paying the number of weeks stipulated in the agreement and the said agreement was signed before x date. If you had finished paying every payment in such an agreement, come to Ez Vision Brokerage and we will check if you qualify to own your set of plates and insurance for the said vehicle.

The other ways you can get your own set TLC plates and you own insurance policy is that you buy or have one of the following vehicles.

That you buy or own an electric vehicle. The vehicle must be 100% electric (does not have to be a Tesla).

That you buy or own a vehicle that comes or can be converted to be wheelchair accessible. There are companies specialized on making these required changes, including safety and compliances.

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to Own

“Having finished the weekly payment of the Toyota Hylander I was able to get my own plates and insurance. Ez Vision Brokerage helped me with everything I need to do. More important I was able to save for the down payment for our family house. Thanks guys”.  Expression from a satisfied customer.

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My Own Boss

“Rideshare - Livery gives me the freedom of being my own boss. While I need to work hard, I can choose the hours to work and the neighborhood where to work. I have control of my finance, how much I need to produce”. These are common expression why many prefer to work in the transportation industry.

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than a Job

“I love what I do, while being a taxi driver I had been able to support my family as well to educate our two children. Today they are both professionals and having good paying jobs.  I love to interact with people, this job gives me that opportunity”.

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to do other things

“I’m a student, rideshare gives me the opportunity to do both, this is important for me.

Today I am a taxpayer, a supporter of the local economy, a contributor to my community and future professional” States a part time Uber driver.

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“To be recognized as an essential worker during the Covid 19 pandemic was an honor to me. Yes, to be able to take our customers to a doctor’s visit, to shop for food to a supermarket was important to us all. But that is what we do daily. This time it was our obligation to help those who support us throughout the years”.  Express Rafael a taxi driver a local base.

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the Future

“Taking children to school in the morning gives me a great satisfaction. I am servicing our future doctors, engineers, scientists, artists, teachers, and future hall of famers. They might remember me and say thanks for what I did and sign a ball to my son. I am very humble and proud to do what I do today and for days to come. They are my children”.

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