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Need to get a Commercial Insurance Policy?

Trusted for over 35 Years!

Business owners like you choose EZ Vision Brokerage every day because of our full range of commercial vehicle insurance products, great rates and first-class service.


Whether you need commercial vehicle insurance or a combination of coverages, our team of in-house specialists can help you find the commercial auto insurance you’re looking for. 


Here are just a few of the commercial vehicles we insure:

  • Passenger vehicles

  • Cargo vans, pickups & utility trucks

  • Food trucks

  • Large trucks

  • Trailers

If you have a commercial vechicle and need insurance consult with us.

commercial vehicle

Commercial Vehicle

An old movie tells us how transportation of goods and services started. The dusty roads, and the old carriage being pulled by mules and horses. A group of brave men & woman took the road for days to bring the goods to it destinations.


Today, it is about who can delivery it faster, safer and who'll provide money back guarantee. "Next day delivery," "in thirty-minutes", you will have fresh food delivery” are today’s all common expressions.

Ez Vision Brokerage has the insurance companies, the expertise on putting your vehicle on the road as fast possible. We do not make miracles, but we know how to navigate the road. Come with us.

Around the clock

The Clock Service

“We provide 24/7 365 days a year” is advertised by the local plumber company. Every single van needs to be ready and properly insured. The electrician, the technician for the fridge is not different. The milk and the meat has to be refrigerated. 

Everyone needs to have insurance Ez Vision Brokerage can provide these businesses with the needed policy. Call us.

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Delivery Vans

Companies had perfected the delivery industry. Regardless from where the product is coming from, you can have it at your doorsteps in 24 hours or less. “Just have you van ready; we will provide you plenty of jobs to you. Remember, bring your proper insurance policy as well as your proper documentations. These are the requirements.”

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To Get
To Work

“There is a radio station I listen to every morning on my way to work. They have the traffic report every ten minutes”. As you pass by the road and see the big tow truck taking the car off the road. “I know how important to keep the proper insurance policy for that truck, I make sure the owner have the proper policy”.

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On the highway every number of miles you observe of big number trucks. Regulations require the drivers have some rest after certain number of hours driven. “There are a lot of regulations they have to comply with” say Uncle Joe who used to be to truck driver in the old days.”

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To be
up early

“My job is very important. We supply the food industry. I consider myself to be a very important partner with my customers, I cannot fail them. They have my commitment; I will be there fulfilling my obligation to my customers so that they can do the same with their customers. Simply we support each other”. Proudly state Ramon’s owner of two box trucks.

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“Let us pull over to have a snack, there is a food truck with good food around here” said someone who is coming back to a game at Yankees Stadium and is familiar with his old neighborhood.

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Ice Cram

“You know summer is coming when you hear the music or see the Ice Cream truck coming” comment the mother to her friend on her way to pick up the children from school.

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Get to Work
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